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The Gardeners Guide bring to you what we believe to be the best buy lawnmowers on-line. Whether they be electric, petrol or ride-on, we are sure you we will save pounds on your purchase of a lawnmower.

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Petrol Lawnmower Versus Electric Lawnmower

Electric lawnmowers are more widely used, by those with smaller front and back lawns who don’t need a powerful lawnmower like the petrol lawnmower. They are lighter, cheaper to run and more importantly, cheaper to buy. So yes, there are several advantages to using an electric lawnmower. First and foremost – they are cheap. Secondly they are lighter and generally easier to manoeuvre than their petrol counterparts, so easier to obtain from the back of the garage after a long winter. They also produce less noise, something your neighbours might be grateful for as the lawn needs to be cut more often during summer. Lastly, they require less maintenance than a petrol lawnmower, and most will generally replace the lawnmower altogether rather than source replacement parts.
So, why do petrol lawnmowers endure? They do so because when you need to cut anything bigger than a small lawn, the electric lawnmowers shortcomings become apparent. First, they have to be connected to the mains to operate. While this is just irritating on a small lawn, it can become quite a problem on larger lawns, and the risk of mowing the cable is increased significantly when it needs to be 50 metres long to manage the whole lawn. They are also less powerful and more likely to develop faults when used regularly on a large scale gardens. Although petrol lawnmowers are undoubtedly more expensive, noisier and take more effort to get going than their electric descendants, if your garden is of a reasonable size then they still make a great investment.

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