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Patio Heater Safety

As you continue to decorate your outdoor patio, it is safe to say you want to take full advantage of it year-round. Whether it's a cool summers night or a chilly day during the winter, outdoor patio heaters are a great way to warm you up. Relatively inexpensive, patio heaters become the life of a party when people can stop worrying about being cold. However, if you have never owned a patio heater before, it's important to take every precaution in regard to safety. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind so you can enjoy your patio heater for years to come.
Do not touch the patio heater when it is in use. Avoid leaving children unsupervised near patio heaters. These heaters cause a lot of heat. If a person isn't careful, it can cause severe burns.
Avoid placing flammable objects on the patio heater. Let's say you and your family are going for a late night swim, don't put your towel on the patio heater in hopes that it will dry faster. Remember, patio heaters are run by gas or electricity and generate a ton of heat. This could end poorly for you. Be careful with what you place near the patio heater!
Make sure the patio heater is not going to interfere with traffic flow. If people are quickly moving in and out of the house, you are going to want to make sure no one accidently runs into the patio heater and knocks it over. Not only could it injure this person, but it could also seriously injure anyone in the close vicinity with the possibility of creating a fire. Let everyone know where the heater is and place it smartly.
Do not place the patio heater on a hill. Your patio heater needs to be on a flat surface. Strong winds or some other accident could cause it to fall over. This could result in injury, property damage, or fire.
Do not run a patio heater indoors. Patio heaters are made for the outdoors, and the amount of heat given off could cause injury or damage to the inside of a house. But more importantly: patio heaters need ventilation. The gases released from the heater need plenty of oxygen to properly dissipate. Indoors, these gases are dangerous to breath and could cause serious injury or death.

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