Pond Vacuums

  Outdoor ponds and water gardens accumulate dirt and leaves over time. This debris clogs filtration systems and lowers the water quality. To clean the grimy area without emptying out the water or requiring manual washing, use a pond vacuum. If used properly, a pond vacuum can save you time and energy without the hassle of temporarily relocating your fish and aquatic plants.  

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Keeping a Garden Pond in Top Shape

Like anything else in the home or garden, a pond must be maintained in order to remain in optimal condition. This means that it must undergo a regular amount of cleaning and care. Garden pond cleaning usually requires at least one intense cleansing per season (usually in the cool spring weather), and perhaps more if there are living creatures such as plants, fish and frogs in the waters. The best way to perform this maintenance is with the proper equipment, including a pond vacuum cleaner. To begin a seasonal garden pond cleaning, the owner should remove all debris that has built up over the autumn and winter months. This includes leaves and sticks floating at the surface and those that have clumped up at the bottom areas as well. Be very mindful, however, if there are fish dwelling in the pond as they may be using these materials for shelter. Use a pond vacuum cleaner to also pull any overgrowth of algae around the edges of the pond as well.

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