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If you are building a water garden then there are several essential components that you will need to buy at a water garden supply store. A quality water garden supply store should be able to supply almost everything you need not only to construct your garden but also to maintain it throughout the four seasons of the year. Here are some of the items that you are likely to find at our water garden supply store that is truly dedicated to serving its customers.

Algae Eating Plants - Algae eating aquatic plants are a must-have for Koi ponds. This is a packaged bacterium that you should have seed your pond with to keep it free of green “pea soup” algae.

Ammonia Test Kid – This test is particularly important if you plan to have Koi fish in your pond. A typical symptom that the ammonia levels are too high in your Koi pond is fish that appear sluggish or s appear to coming to the surface and gasping for air.

Nitrate Test Kit - Nitrite has been termed the invisible killer because often the water looks crystal clear. It is deadly, especially to small Koi and gold fish as nitrate overload destroys everything green, and of course Koi eat everything green. A common indication of nitrite overload in your pond are fish with gills that appear be slightly rolled outward at the edges.

pH Test Kit - To control algae and monitor the health of your fish you should also make a habit of analyzing the quality of your pond water using a pH test kit. , The pH should be between 6.6 and 7.8 with the ideal being 7 to 7.4 to keep healthy, happy Koi.

Pond Filtration System - Pond filtration systems are necessary if you want the pond to support aquatic life as well as have the pond look clean. It may not be an essential element for a smaller pond, however generally pond filters mean less maintenance for you and better water quality for your plants and fish. There are basically two types of mechanical pond filters: gravity filters and pressurized filters. A quality water garden store will carry both types.

Pond Liners – These are plastic tubs that come in a variety of prefabricated forms (circular, square, kidney shaped and so forth) that are set into the ground and used as the foundation for the pond.

Pond Liner Sheets – These are plastic or vinyl sheets that can be used to line a pond that you have shaped out of the ground yourself or be placed beneath a prefabricated pond liner for extra security against leakage.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer - This device is an UV lamp that is placed inside a pipe. When water passes through it can reduce 99% of the single celled organisms that cause algae to grow in your pond. The dead algae are then more easily broken down by your biological or mechanical filtration system.

Synthetic Media – Synthetic media is a general term that describes a wide range of man-made materials. These are used to trap debris and bacteria in the biofilter of your pond filtration system. Gravel is the most popular natural filtration media but synthetic medias such as Alphagrog and Japanese Matting are also good choices.

Water Pump – A water pump is used to pump air through the pond so that it is oxygenated and can support life. It is the heart of your pond as it circulates life-giving oxygen to plants and Koi fish.

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